• Mechanical Engineering

    Pirovano Engineering offers mechanical design services for various production fields including the Automotive, Telecommunication and food industries. Mechanical design is developed according to the customer’s specifications. Projects can be developed ranging from single parts to complex systems

    Main skills:

    • Mechanical design for machinery, automation and carpentry

    • Base Engineering

    • Mechanical detail engineering for production drawings based on customer’s studies

    • Bills of materials, assembly instructions, manuals and spare parts

    • Dimensional checks, FEM and thermal analysis for single parts or entire groups

    • Plant engineering and layout

    • Product engineering

    • Cost reduction for existing machinery or products

  • Cad services

    Thanks to the technologies used and the experience gained, Pirovano Engineering can offer innovative services to all companies whose technical department uses computerized systems or to those switching to CAD systems.

    Main CAD services:

    • FEM analysis

    • Mechanism and kinematic simulations

    • Computerized technical drawing (Mechanical / Plant)

    • Scanner acquisition

    • Old drawings and archives regeneretation

    • Rasterization

    • Electronic storage

    • Vectorization